We are live!

After saying I would start my own blog for years, I've taken the plunge.  I've went ahead and built a full website to devote to my excursions in nature.  This is just the beginning.  I will be adding historic photos constantly, while updating with present-day photos as they happen.

I plan on blogging... a lot.  Some will be field recaps.  Some will be essays and thoughts.  Others might even be me bitching about my never-ending addiction to nature.  

So please, check out the beginning stages of my site.  Sign up under the "about" tab, and I will email you when new blogs, photos, etc. are posted.  

I know people have become accustomed to the fast food nature of social media.  This site may be a step backwards, but its geared towards those who want more than just pictures.  This will tell the stories.

I look forward to making Fascinature.net  as awesome as I possibly can!

...step into the outdoors, and hypnotize yourself with the natural world.


Ovenbird, April 2015