Red-headed Kestrel

Recently, I saw a report of an aberrant American Kestrel over in Lancaster.  I blew it off.  I see tons of kestrels on my ride through Amish Country to visit my children who live in Lancaster City.  

Last Saturday morning, I took the boys out owling.  We saw two Barred Owls, but failed on photos as we accidentally flushed both.  When we were in the car warming up, I considered other possibilities.  The kestrel popped into my head.  A quick search back through my email gave me directions.  The kids were just like eh, why not?  ...kinda the way I felt.

I'm glad I tried to find it.  It was a really cool looking bird!  Here's a few of the photos I grabbed.  I believe it to be female, but I don't think anyone came up with the proper term for its strange plumage.  First, I will post a "normal" kestrel, followed by a bunch of the red-headed individual.

"Normal" American Kestrel

Aberrant American Kestrel

Aberrant American Kestrel

...this is the way kestrels usually act whenever you even glance their way.

Aberrant American Kestrel

In the end, I realized I was taking for granted a cool little falcon.  The kids actually thought it was cooler than I had expected.  Seeing things through their eyes only heightens my enjoyment.  I'm glad we went!

...step into the outdoors.